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How to use our PSP ISOs

The Sony PlayStation Portable is perhaps a bit overshadowed by the huge success of the Nintendo DS, despite this, it is safe to say that with 80 million unit sales the PSP was a bit of a secret success.

With its 10 years in the market and multiple hardware iterations, there is a big catalogue of games available, though. Many of them mirroring the releases on PS2, only in handheld form. Of special note would be games like Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep and God of War - Ghost of Sparta.

The best way to play our PSP ROMs is by hacking your existing PSP if you have one. If you haven't hacked your PSP yet check out this PSP hacking guide. If you don't have a console unit handy then PSP emulators are thankfully pretty decent with the best one being the PPSSPP emulator.

Check out the video below for a list of the best PSP games you can play right now.