Download Privacy

RomUlation promises to keep all user activity private to our platform and not sell this information to partners, but one source of information leak that we cannot do anything about is that your internet service provider will always know what you're doing online.

To help our users stay completely safe we've partnered with VPNHub to offer our visitors a 7 day free VPN trial that will keep you complete safe and private as you download.


RomUlation uses a point system to prevent download abuse. We host a large number of files, and without the point system in place, a small number of greedy users would saturate the connection and create a poor experience for everyone else.

When you sign up at RomUlation, 10,000 points are credited to your account to get you started. Every megabyte you download requires 1 point. For example, an 80MB file will use 80 points. If you run out of points, there are a variety of ways to earn more.

  • Regular members receive 1000 points credited to their account every 24 hours up until 50,000 points.
  • Become a premium member! Premium members do not require points to download at all! See the benefits of becoming a premium member.
  • Upload Screenshots! Each screenshot that you upload and get approved earns you 50 points.

Points are removed from your account as soon as you begin your download. The point use for that file will then be set to zero for 72 hours, enabling you to redownload the file in case of a broken download or interrupted transfer. You can, however, always resume a download at no point use and, therefore, we recommend always using a download manager capable of resuming.

Download Managers

RomUlation supports all HTTP standards compliant download managers for all members, whether you are a premium member or not. We support resuming of paused or broken downloads at no additional point use. However, we only allow 1 connection for non-premium members so for maximum compatibility please configure your download manager to use 1 connection.

We recommend using a free download manager such as DownThemAll for Firefox or Chrono Download Manager for Chrome.

Please note that guest download links are timed and as such will not support resuming over long periods of time.

Problem With Extracting

All of RomUlation files are tested regularly to ensure they extract properly. If you run intro problems extracting then most likely your connection got broken during downloading. Please try to redownload it within 72 hours for no additional point use. If the problem happens regularly we highly recommend using a download manager so you can resume the connection if it gets broken.


Sometimes games won't be able to be run on certain emulators or even the real consoles. Emulation is essentially trying to recreate the console environment on a computer and this is often not done perfectly.

For technical help, we provide a friendly forum where you can ask question and advice. Go to the Technical Help section and create a thread there, though you might want to read the How to ask for help thread and the Common Issues threads before you create a new topic.

Is my premium payment renewing?

Yes RomUlation Premium is a membership and as such is renewing.

We don't have the ability to directly cancel your membership so you have to check the original email receipt you received from our payment provider GumRoad. At the bottom it will have a link to manage your subscription setting.