Who and what does this document cover? This document is a binding, integral part of the contract for our users as well as for romulation.org. romulation.org is bound to keep this part of the contract legally effective regarding all activities of all users. Exceptions are applicable only if explicitly mentioned in this document or if RomUlation is legally required to share information.
Cookie Policy RomUlation uses 1st party cookies to provide essential site functions such as login. RomUlation works with 3rd party partners such as analytics companies who may set their own cookies governed by their own privacy policies. RomUlation does NOT work with advertising companies.
Will RomUlation communicate information about the files a visitor has downloaded to third parties? No. RomUlation considers this information private and uses it only internally to enhance the user experience. No 3rd parties has access to this information.
What data does RomUlation store when I am downloading a file? RomUlation's system requires that certain, limited, data will be stored temporarily, linked to your account. This data is used to calculate the traffic for users and ensure that we do not charge points for downloading the same file multiple times.
Will RomUlation send any spam or sell my email address or other data? No. The privacy and trust of our users is hugely important to RomUlation and we know how annoying it is to receive spam. Any personal data you give us will be used internally for providing you with our service and for no other purpose.
Can I remove information stored by RomUlation? Yes. We allow users to both modify information stored such as username, email and settings to whatever they want and to fully delete their accounts using our self-service delete page.