Full Name Legend of Legaia [U][SCUS-94254].7z
Filesize 206.3 MB
Region USA
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This game is a must have for all Role Play Game fans but the demo and the real virsion have two deferent endings that im awhare of. I use psxfin and i made it prety far could i switch emulaters and use the memery cards?
the best game ever, wanna play it once more
I have the same problem where i cant get passed the back to the past blast time-warp scene from conkram. It freezes everytime whenever i try, ive also tried to search for these files to download Download ePsx 1.17 and MemcardRex 0.8 but i cant find them anywhere! Please someone helppp thank you <<333
is it just me..or the file is corrupted?...when I extract the .img file...it stops at 99%..i've used every extractor that I use to extract it but it's all the same...what happen?..I download it using a free download manager...
This is still my favorite RPG I've played, even 10 years later. My save had over 200 hours I loved it so much, don't miss out on this.
like the story but it was hard fighting seru.... but i completed this game...
Amazing game. I never actually bought this one. But my cousin did, and after he beat it, he let me play it. It's one of those games that you never forget. I highly suggest getting the second one too, people always seem so disappointed in it, but I found it really fun. I still like the first one more, but the second one is quite awesome.
I have downloaded some games such as final fantasy I & II and i got disappointed after the original game began but I hope someone in the real future releases some interesting games such as this one and "RATCHET & CLANK" to the PSXISO's soon
cool game, complete n fun.. thx a lot
thanks for your tips! yeah i can pass a mirror easily now!
Okay EVERYONE!!! Read this first before you download this. Alright this is how you get past the Conker Mirror while playing PSX 1.13, Get to Conker save somewhere around there BUT DONT GO TO THE MIRROR ROOM YET!!! Now Download ePsx 1.17 and MemcardRex 0.8, Now convert your PSX card save (Using MemcardRex) to ePsx v1.17 and load it up, now get past the mirror and SAVE ANYWHERE when you can, then convert back to Psx then load up and BAM!! Completed Goodluck I'll be checking on this board once a week :)
Now i can play this game on the go! I've played this game so many times ... i forget how many times i've beeten it. It's just so fun. The second one was good aswell but i've only beeten it like 3 times ... and i got bored lol this one is just too darn Good!