Full Name Legend of Legaia [U][SCUS-94254].7z
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Region USA
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Legend of Legaia is an epic PlayStation game that takes players on a journey through a mystical world with engaging characters and breathtaking landscapes. This RPG features a unique battle system that combines traditional turn-based gameplay with fighting game mechanics for an exciting and intuitive experience. With thrilling plot twists and rich storytelling, Legend of Legaia is a must-play for fans of the genre. Download the ROM now and relive this classic PSX game on your PC.


Now i can play this game on the go! I've played this game so many times ... i forget how many times i've beeten it. It's just so fun. The second one was good aswell but i've only beeten it like 3 times ... and i got bored lol this one is just too darn Good!
i like the story of this game, this is the RPG game that you will never miss!
i want to download it , but it's 200mb ..... :p
great game there is a sequel of this!!! its called "Legaia Duel Saga" but it was disappointing to me T_T i love LEGAIA SO MUCH!!!!! Features: it has arts as for battles, you can use all directional buttons and create new skills to fight in battles, THE VOICING OF THE CHARACTERS ARE AWESOME!!! i believe its japanese lol game is kinda simple but its really ADDICTING AND FUN AND TIGHT TO PLAY!!! SERIOUSLY you can FISH IN this game! it has a TOURNAMENT, and a disco dancing club for you to DANCE! IT HAS SLOT MACHINES TO PLAY TOO! N SOME ARCADE GAME! TIGHT ULL ENJOY IT!!! BREATH-TAKING! you can take pictures of PEOPLE WITH a camera! you can wear swimsuit while doing it! you have raseru eggs to grow and summon!!! the raseru u wear on ur arms grows as and seen in battle too goes from hand to the arms or deltoid, the cloths, boots, pants, and hats anything you wear!!! u can see in battle! i collect them and never sell them ^_^ accessories cant be seen tho ^_~ u can capture many seru MONSTERS and summmon them!!! awesome! its like keeping pets!!! the items in the game has great effects: get more gold after battle, steal while killing them, get items after battle, counter attack, attack the whole thing TWICE! MANY ITEMS THAT BOOST AND MAKE THE GAME TIGHT! there are many BOSSES!!! KEWL ONES TOO!!! IT WILL TURN U ON!!!! (not in that way..) lol this is my 1st RPG GAME!!! and its like one of the Best on my list!! highly recommended!!!
Ahh... my emulator did'nt work really good when i past to the mirror it get stuck and hang.. what should i do? how can i finish it with perfect?... aghhhrrrrhhhhh.... help me!!!!
Try using EPSXE 1.7 with peops opengl 2.9 plugin it seems like i play it with real psx,,,,the graphic realy good...
This has to be one of the best games ever made. I had over 200 hours of gameplay on my original copy, before the disc was too scratched and I lost my memory card. I can't believe I can play again! Lapis: Get your levels way the heck up there, 65 at least. Get the grail from the muscle dome for each character (IT TAKES FOREVER) and make sure you have the best gear and accessories for your fighting style. Don't use magic, she just drains it all immediately. ... Other than that, good luck!
Ahhh, I played this game way back. I first got the demo disc from somewhere (magazine?) and played through that about 20 times before my parents finally bought me the full copy. Loved every minute of it and have replayed it three times since (gonna put it on my PSP and play it a fourth time soon!). Very good game and amazing combat system when compared to all other RPGs released at the time. I remember having to unlock their ultimate moves and such, good times. As for the people saying they are getting their 'butts' handed to them by the final boss, the first time I reached him I also died horrible. After that I went and ground out levels till I was in the mid 90 range and made sure I had all their of my characters special moves (along with the best items in the game). Good times.
This brings back so many memories. The first game I ever liked enough to beat. Me and my parents would play it every week.So much nostalgia.
I beat part 2 of this game but the last bos on this one kicked my ass horribly
In the end ~.~ noah's brother +i forgot the name+ will die and he's the last boss ~.~ enforced with the raseru then then at the ending cid, you'll see noah holding a baby that looks like her brother, vahn leaving the village to go on a journey while gala teaching in the dojo P.S zongi turned into a seru and died ~.~ hahahaha oh, btw, at zongi's 3rd form with a big raseru in his right arm, he'll go 1 on 1 with gala ~.~ ^^
Hi boys i need help it my firs time downloading a psone game i had to files downloaded what do i do with the second file mssg me at [email protected] plz