Full Name Legend of Legaia [U][SCUS-94254].7z
Filesize 206.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Legend of Legaia is an epic PlayStation game that takes players on a journey through a mystical world with engaging characters and breathtaking landscapes. This RPG features a unique battle system that combines traditional turn-based gameplay with fighting game mechanics for an exciting and intuitive experience. With thrilling plot twists and rich storytelling, Legend of Legaia is a must-play for fans of the genre. Download the ROM now and relive this classic PSX game on your PC.


It looks old.
Man, I remember playing this game for hours, but sadly one f the weapons I used stretched out their arm bar sooo far xD. I never did quite beat it ebcause my memory card was left in a move T^T
I got aproblem my emulator is psxfin and the game has a bug when they go to the past by the mirror...
I've only played the demo disk. I have had the demo forever, and it never got old. I'm sure going to enjoy this!
Damn i got aproblem my emulator is psxin and the game has a bug when they go to the past by the mirror... help
Ah yes, an RPG that isn't simply mashing the X button to keep attacking. Even got the second one for the PS2, and both are amazing.
Can i burn this with iso power and play it on my ps1
One of the best games ever played. reminded me of my childhood. i usually play this with my brother. very awesome game
Worth getting joao
I always hear about this game but never tested, is it good?
I beat this when i was like 13/14 I never forgot it. The second wasn't as good really didn't touch the first as far as i'm concerned.
I remember peering in some random video game magazine and seeing an AD about some world enveloped by a mist. I think I still have the magazine, well needless to say I went to Funcoland and purchased the game, turned out to be one hell of a ride. Superb.