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Full Name Pokemon Stadium.7z
Filesize 57.4 MB
Region USA
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BTW, which moron marked this game as an Adventure, First-Person or a Shooter? And even the third screenshot is NOT from this game. Its from Pokemon Stadium 2/GS. They should correct these mistakes. This is sooo misleading!
It is NOT possible to play this game on the NDS. This is a N64 game. If you are looking for a DS Pokemon game get Pokemon Diamond/Pearl or Platinum.
Can I play this on my ds XD
To kilax... The N64 controller has two controls... the Analog and Digital. While most games like The Legend of Zelda are controlled by Analog (defaults to arrow keys on PJ64) Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 uses Digital (defaults to numeric arrow keys {Num8/Num4/Num6/Num2} on PJ64). You can set and change them anytime, and even bind both Analog and Digital to arrow keys or any other keys you like-> Click 'Options' and then click 'Configure Controller Plugin...' and set 'em to your convenience. Good luck.
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I have PJ64 and i download this game too, but i cant move the selections i mean it's like my arrow keys/joy sticks is not working at all but my "A" and "B" buttons still works can some one tell me whats wrong with it?
This game is better than the original Pokemon Stadium that released in Japan only which had only 50 Pokemon I think. This one has a kickass collection of all 151! Mewtwo can be unlocked and battled with which is soo cool! As for problems, this game ran absolutely fine, except for some minor graphic corruption in the kids club, photographs and pokedex section. Other than that... this game is one of the best Pokemon battle sims out there. If only Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness for NGC would allow renting Pokemon.
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To get the transfer pak there's a plug in you can download that is compatible with the Project 64 emulator. For a guide and download go here:
How do i make the file to play in project 64?
u dont
Can i play n64 game in a nintedo dual screen card