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Full Name Pokemon Stadium.7z
Filesize 57.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I use Mulpen 64 and almost no trouble
I still have Stadium 1. I lost stadium 2 tough. Still an unforgetable game that's always fun to play now and then!
There are just two types of people: 1) People who havent played Pokemon Stadium 2) People who have played Pokemon Stadium and love it Witch type are you? If you type 1, then try it and become type 2 :P
Thats game is incredible,mini game,battles...The best tip is transfer mewtwo of de Yellow to pokemon stadium,is the best pokemon.
Good game I remember I kept on losing in the master cup semi finals or the last opponent I was piss off later I transfer my blue version pokemon to Pokemon Stadium and finally beat the prime master cup the rental pokemon sucks.
woW!I'am playing this game and it's as sexy as me! Great specials, and animation!
Is there a way to transfer your Pokemon from the classic Pokemon Yellow, Blue, Red ect... cartridge games to the PC for this Pokemon Stadium and Stadium 2? Or should i just download the classic games onto the computer and get all the pokemon then transfer somehow?
what are the controls with project64
i know about this game it is so awesome!!!! i thought this might be suckishh
what is the name of the gameboy rom/ game that you can transfer pokemons from/to? i have nrages plugin so i can im just not sure what the game is.
POKEMON STADIUM 2 is better but i like this too!! BRAVO!! NINTENDO
Lol, it is for the nintendo 64. And the point cost is 64.