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Full Name Pokemon Stadium.7z
Filesize 57.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I liked the Magikarp splash contest mini game.. :P
I really love all pokemon games, and especially the fact that you could really play your Game Boy Pokemon Games in it
I need your help my friends.... i have this problem : when i m playing the game i can't move right-left-up and down..... i m checking the buttons from options but i can't do something about that.... plz HELP ME!!!!!
great game very good idea to have rental pokemon i mean any pokemon at lvl50?? they should make these games instead of the other ones both are good but the gameplay is much different and interesting on stadium =D
haha i agree to wat benjim said XD
I hope it is good and worth downloading
They need to port the minigames on this and on Stadium 2 into a DS game.
I still like pokemon collosseum more :P but pokemon collosseum would be more awesome if it also had stadiums like here and rental pokemon XD
Why can't nintendo stick with this? Is that so hard?
This game is awesome roflmao
I wish this was in nintendo ds.
Oh HAha Well Okay Sorry I didnt know why it was downloadable until I heard about the emulators and stuff >.< Srry people my bad !