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Full Name Xenoblade Chronicles (U)(VIMTO).rar
Filesize 6.46 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



I feel like I NEED to play this game after seing chuggaaconroy play it.
looks interesting
Easily the best game on the wii and the greatest JRPG of the past decade.
Are you kidding me?
Please help me. It wont download.
Do you have enough points?
Do i need wii remote plus to play it?
No but It helps
My friends keep telling me to get this game but I have to wait till I have enough points :(
This working?
works great worth getting.
The ISO is working very well over all, just two minor problems. The game can often have fits of repetitive short freeze ups, which go away if you play a while or reset the emulator. The file screen save thumbnails are always corrupted, (With the exception of story saves) but the actual save itself should load just fine. This still totally beats spending $200 for the New 3DS and $40 for the 3DS version. (I don't have a Wii either.)
thats what im saying man, they expect me to pay 200 for "new" 3ds xl because my 3ds xl apparently isnt good enough for snes games and xenoblade, but can run n64, gamecube and wii era games... and another 40 for a game that video game stores are literally tossing into the dumpster because its so worthless and obsolete lol fuck that horseshit. nintendo makes me scared to ever buy another console from them with their retarded exclusives and history of prematurely shutting down game servers.
If you want to get rid of the stuttering, use the "Ishiiruka" version of Dolphin. It has slight graphical glitches but gets rid of the stutter.
No viruses from this site and It is almost perfectly functioning minus a few hiccups here and there. This Rom is very well done.
Great game. I own it on the Wii, but I'm trying to find the ISO online so I can try it out on the Dolphin Wii Emulator... I haven't had any luck so far but I'm hoping this site will work :)