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Full Name Xenoblade Chronicles (U)(VIMTO).rar
Filesize 6.46 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



yay finally i can play it
great game!
This is one of the best games on any system, it is better than Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U.... I have both and the one on the Wii U (X) has been ruined by crap music and cheesiness... The fact that they have tried to "Americanise" everything in"X" is also annoying (no offence to Americans intended). - Download this and give it a go.... It looks like it will be the best out of the bunch as the one on the Switch has now turned into a cartoon? lol This game is epic and you will get over 100 hours or more out of it.
must have game
Thanks for this!
Amazing game. Came directly here after Nintendo bent me over and pounded my asshole raw for buying a 3ds xl when they were new, instead of waiting to buy a new new 3ds xl later when they were new. Anyways, fuck you nintendo, this is mine now and you didnt see a dime from me for it. Hows it feel to be the ones bending over to have their assholes pounded raw? happens when you treat fans like trash
ive just modded my wii so i can play wii games off usb
I can't play the game. Burned with ImgBurn at 4x dual layer disc, but and my console freeze in "Reading Disc..." message. I guess that is problem in my Wii lens (4.7 GB runs ok, but Dual Layer have problems). On Dolphin emulator runs ok (but slow).
Just what is this file's actual size? The site says 6.46 GB, yet I'm at 12.4 GB and counting...
Nevermind. Finally finished!
probably the biggest wii game, 7.93 GB
Finally got this working on my Wii U's vWii! Thanks romulation, this site rocks!
lol downloaded this game, said that I made a second account, my account and comment were deleted, i'm on my 3rd account lol
impressive game very very nice