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another cartoonish zelda game well the cartoonish ones look better than the realish looking one right? i think so! but the way zelda acts in this vertion surprised me?! so i have one thing so say about this game "than you whatshisnameicantremeberbutidoknowthatheisalsothecuratoroftwilightprincess for making another zeldagame"
Great game. I love the Zelda series. Twilight Princess was the main reason I got a Wii in the first place. In my opinion they all have good points and bad points, but to me this is a definite play. Also I found a place to get all the songs from this game. Here is the pastebin link to a file that when used with the Linux tool 'wget' you can download all the files without having to copy and paste every line. http://pastebin.com/NEAWZEbG
The amount of wii motion control in the game was ludicrous. I loved it. It let me know that I was playing a good wii game. And since in my opinion there aren't too many of those out there, it was refreshing. The wii motion plus as a must use had me worried, yet the capture of all my movements was precise to a T. A 9.5/10. My -.5 is only because of the tone of the game. Felt too childish for me. I'm more a twilight princess majora's mask type fell.
Do you need Wii Motion Plus for this?
shits only 14 dollars secondhand so im going out soon to get one, tired of retarded controller and keyboard configurations on dolphin emulator ever since they banished wii motion plus emulation
I think I like this game better than Wind Waker, even though I liked WW quite a lot.. I dunno though. Hard decision. Cant wait to get WW HD though
I liked this game, but it's not a favorite of mine. The controls felt kind of awkward for me as I'm not used to the Wii. Also, the graphics. They're beautiful, but I just don't like how Link and Zelda look. Fi... she kind of annoyed me. Can't we just go back to the days without a partner? The only partner I liked was Midna. Overall, enjoyable game, but don't set your hopes up too high.
This would be a very good game... If it wasn't a Zelda game Not living up to my expectatons
i love this game so bad, it bring me back my childhood
This is a good game, as is all of the Zelda series. I enjoyed it, though not as much as Zelda Twilight Princess, or even the DS games sometimes. There's more fighting and less logic. I'm the type that likes logic puzzles, so...