Full Name Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword (U)(SUSHi).rar
Filesize 4.12 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 247857
Can Download No



Can somebody help me, it comes in a .rar file and i can't get it into an .iso to save my life
Please see here: https://www.romulation.net/tutorials/extracting-roms-from-romulation
Hopefully this game works, loved it so much!!
i love it mainly because of the pronounced romantic relationship between zelda and link in this one. you don't see that in many other games.
oh nooooo, im on the last page???? no one will ever find me here @[email protected] rip
Can't get passed connect wii remote and nunchuck to the wii motion plus accessory. help!?!
If you are using a modded wii you need to have a remote model around 2008.
when i got the game EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER'S eyes were messed up in one way or another. It was absoulutely hilarious. Links eyes were HUGE
Amazing story line, good controls, great dungeons.
I really enjoyed Twilight Princess and I'm hoping for a similar experience with Skyward Sword. I have played a demo of it and the demo was really interesting so I'm looking forward to this one too.
This in my 2th frvit zelda game EVER.:)
Love this game, beat it a bunch of times, and still enjoy it!
This zelda game is a very cool game. this website is the best website ever!!!!!
im not asian nor white im actually black im no weirdo either its just that i realy love the zelda franchise it so amzing my favorite would have to be ocarina of time