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Full Name Grandia Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SCUS-94457].7z
Filesize 402.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Experience the magic of Grandia Disc 1 of 2 on your PC with our easy to download ROM. Originally released for the PSX system, this classic RPG game will transport you to a world of adventure filled with challenging battles, compelling characters, and unforgettable storyline. With our emulator, you can seamlessly play Grandia Disc 1 of 2 on your PC without the need for a PSX console. Don't miss out on this timeless masterpiece – download Grandia Disc 1 of 2 and embark on a journey that will keep you entertained for hours on end.


Great rpg. story is story is strong and has lost of spoken diolouge to make the game feel more interacitve. i enjoyed it because the hero and I have the same name.
Great RPG!
This game is obviously one of the best RPGs ever made. I've beat Grandia more than 3 times and I still can't stop playing it. It's story, characters, environments and innovative battle and leveling system make Grandia an indispensable game for EVERY RPG fan.
The best game for PS1!!!
This is THE BEST OF THE BEST JRPG from PlayStation!!!!
Where is part 2?
Try this game!! and thanks to romulation
One of my favourite RPGs. Loads of humour and even interesting enemies. Note that the first screenshot that's currently up is from Grandia II, so it isn't as impressive graphically.
I've downloaded disc 2 but not disc 1. :P
Best. Game. Ever. Best. Plot. Ever. Lots. Of. Humour!