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Full Name Grandia Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SCUS-94457].7z
Filesize 402.7 MB
Region USA
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Experience the magic of Grandia Disc 1 of 2 on your PC with our easy to download ROM. Originally released for the PSX system, this classic RPG game will transport you to a world of adventure filled with challenging battles, compelling characters, and unforgettable storyline. With our emulator, you can seamlessly play Grandia Disc 1 of 2 on your PC without the need for a PSX console. Don't miss out on this timeless masterpiece – download Grandia Disc 1 of 2 and embark on a journey that will keep you entertained for hours on end.


One of the best RPG on the PSone. On par with Final Fantasy VII on character developing. Really great game. I recommend it.
Saw a playthrough on youtube and just had to try the game!!! looks amazing! i love 2D anime, i proberly missed out on this generation of games due to me staying with Nintendo.
This game is something else. I started a personal project to go through the greatest games of the old days, starting with the snes, and now I'm on the psx. Grandia is thus far my favorite playstation RPG. That puts it above all three Final Fantasies, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears, to drop a few big names. Why do you ask? How could Grandia, a game ported from an older console, possibly rival or even triumph over the greats of the PSX era? Because this gem has soul. This game revels in what gaming has really always been about from the beginning: ADVENTURE!!! It just seeps with that excited feeling you get when going some place new and interesting. And while most games really wind down by the time they finish, I found all 70 hours I poured into this game to just as fast paced and glorious as the first twenty ^^ It's largely orchestral soundtrack is griping and really sets the mood sometimes, even though it is pretty cheesy :P For me, this is my Chrono Trigger/Skies of Arcadia for the PSX. If you have any semblance of an adventurous spirit, or the curiosity to explore the unknown, then here's a game you will fondly remember for a very long time. :)
I always wondered why the first pic is of Grandia II, but it is the first Grandia...
Awesome game. It's a shame that the Grandia series has been ruined by Grandia III.
Cant wait to play this game. Rated in top 25 PSX games by IGN. Originally slated for Sega Saturn.
Great story, great plot. The battle system allows to to cancel your oppenents moves if timed right, wich is pretty cool if used correctly.
Personally I don't think either grandia 2 or 3 match the greatness of this, the first, in any aspect other than graphics; though the 3rd did have a few neat battle features.
I do agree that Grandia is great. Not as great as some other RPGS as a whole, but we know it's just a preference thing. Definitely top-tier though. There's one thing Grandia made me do that all other RPGS were not capable of. This game literally made me cry. The reason being that the character development is AMAZING, it actually made me sad when... Well, I won't spoil anything. Just play it. =P
The Game rocks!!! It is a complete set with action, adventure, romance and many more!!!! You should definitely try this game.....
This game got good battle system, story, chars, music, magic/skill system, world system... But this game got THE MOST TERRIBLE ENGLISH VOICE ACTING EVER!!!!!
this game rocks, got it when it came to US in 1998, and got it when it can to the US on PSN. BEST RPG ever HANDS DOWN!