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Full Name Ape Escape [U] [SCUS-94423].7z
Filesize 101.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Ape Escape is a classic action-adventure game for the PSX that challenges players to capture escaped monkeys using an array of gadgets and abilities. Download the ROM and experience the nostalgic gameplay on your PC today.


Omg i used 2 luv dis game! but ive downloaded it and cant move as ther is no analog stick :P so can u even play it on an emulator?
Well i think u can play it with an emulator havent tried but would take away fun n u can use ps3 usb controlled controllers. n maybe a reg 1 im tryna figure out now.
I never tried this game because i didn't have a dualshock controller in the past. Is that true for the emulator? I have always wanted to try it.
I love this game
I LOVE THIS GAME 100\% 3 times lol i canot be beaten DOWNLOAD IT,IT ROCKS
This took along time to complete 100\% when i last played 10 (ish) years ago, lets see how i do now lol
This is a extraaaaaaordynary game for long winter nights
Haahaaahaha, I remember this game!
Its a realy good game. i was wondering, in the gadget room in the lab, whats the one marked with a star?
A really fun Mario 64-style platformer. I don't like most of these 3D platformers, but this one is entertaining. Take note that you *must* have a "dual shock" style controller to play this game: the left stick controls movement, the right one aims your gadgets.
While that is true, The Newer versions arent all that bad. Though they did tend to go to a more Kiddish Area. >.>;
An amazing game. It's better than the latest versions of Ape Escape for sure!