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Full Name Ape Escape [U] [SCUS-94423].7z
Filesize 101.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Ape Escape is a classic action-adventure game for the PSX that challenges players to capture escaped monkeys using an array of gadgets and abilities. Download the ROM and experience the nostalgic gameplay on your PC today.


Let's see: 1) A kid running around with a net plus 2) Monkeys added into the equation equals 3) BANANAS OF FUN AND EXCITEMENT!
This game is beyond what I'd expect for a platformer...Also, I just noticed that the second image for this game is Ape Escape: On the Loose for the PSP.... LOL
why can use a controller for computer (i dont know if it works with all the emulators) mine has a problem i think the analog stick is broken so it doesn't work very well but you can try. I played the demo on my PS and i liked it very much but i can´t buy this game now
is this game for the PSP or the Playstation 1,2,3
This game is probably one of the best for its time. Playstation back then had alot of good games to play back when the console first got released from Spyro to Crash, Mega Man 8 to Digimon World 3. And this one was in an excellent league of its own and its only too bad that the PSX died out because I enjoyed the system alot. For this game you play as Spike a kid who goes to a laboratory with his best friend Jake but some baddies will appear and spread monkey mayhem. So now Spike has to go save different areas from monkeys and to stop a nasty villain named Spector. Overall the plot is great controls are sometimes sensitive but are still really fun for kids, teens, and adults. Defiantly get this game because you will enjoy it as much as i did.
very nice game.. got it as a present for xmas.. something like 8 years ago.. still got the original..
it is better if you dont play on emulator and actually play this on the PSX.
So glad I can use my Xbox controller for this because you have to be a ninja to catch these monkeys. I don't think I ever managed to actually beat this whole game because it was so hard. Love it, though. It's a highly addictive mix of platformer and puzzle.
damm this game is sooo hard!!! i remember i had struggles in specters lair grr ill never beat this game :(
Bleh...Need a freaking analog controller...wasted mah points lol...So save your points if u dont have one!
and very nice but short on graphics ... knowing that it is a game for the PlayStation 1