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Full Name Yoshi's Story.7z
Filesize 9.1 MB
Region USA
Downloads 21605
Can Download No



I downloaded this once, and the graphics didnt work well, it was all see through, could someone pm me if they have a solution?
I got this game for my system already, but still love the game. I'm just happy there is a download for it now for others to enjoy ^\_^
The different files can be different modes of the game, for example, 1 of them could be the game with certain cheats enabled right away.
One question when i unzip this why is their so much files.? i know they all work but why?
Funny game
I love Yoshi, so I downloaded the game!
I love Yoshi
I agree with you Nightroad, their is no replay value. Very simplistic and short. This is more of a childs game if anything.
If you liked Yoshi's Island you will like Yoshi's Story. The biggest problem with this game is that it's short and has virtually no replay values. The "secrets" aren't very secret and the game play is very easy. This game was obviously designed with the kid in mind.