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Full Name Yoshi's Story.7z
Filesize 9.1 MB
Region USA
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i own this game on real n64 and i still enjoy it on that platform doesnt sound as good on computer though. atleast u dont have to stuggle with the n64 controller :P
Well........It's cute,simple,and short, but after a while it gets a little boring.... rate(1 and a half /5)
Hah, I love Yoshi, so I decided to get this. Took a while to fix the flashing screen bugs and all, but it's actually pretty fun once you get it to work! :D
Anyone has a flashing screen bug too?
Yeah, quite short, but if you liked Yoshi's Island for the SNES I have three words: NO BABY MARIO. Gotta love that. WHAAAAAAAH WHAAAAAAAAH WHAAAAAAAAH!
I bought Yoshi's story when I was 7 years old. Yep. Looking back on this game I must have played it at least 100 times through, but it never lost it's cute charm or replayability! I have to thank all you guys at Romulation for making it possible for me to relive some of those good times of 97'! :D YOU ROCK
It's quite short, somewhat fun but really no diff. whatsoever and it is kind of enjoyable, but then again......rate (2/5)
Its a good solid game, the only problem is that you can play through the game in just one sitting. Of course there are also multiple pathways, so You can get some replay value out of the ame by choosing different paths and seeing what other levels await you. Also, great soundtrack.
Its a cute, simple, lovable Yoshi game. What more could anyone want from this?
Yoshi's Story review BY:goemon047\_page
I fixed the graphics from flashing by downloading a new Project 64 RDB file and it seemed to help there are no more flashing but there is a noticible box that surrounds some of the things on screen but its playable now.
The graphics are all sorts of messed up. I dont recommend downloading unless you like your screen constantly flashing.