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Full Name Pokemon Stadium 2.7z
Filesize 85.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Shadow1214, I believe this is a Nintendo 64 game, therefore it only is compatible with an actual N64 or an emulator.
does this work on ds lite flashcards
oh, sweet nostalgia, this takes me back... back to simpler times, when catching them all was ACTUALLY POSSIBLE. defiitely downloading after my Banjo Tooie (yet another walk down memory lane for me) finishes (:
I love this game, one of the best games of all time, brings back old memories, I used to play it back in 1st grade, Im in 11th now.
project 64 emulator
Which one is the best emu for nin 64????
Enter= start x = a c = b and press random buttons to figure out the rest its wat i did.
Disregard my first post xD, change settings of the emulator (if playing on PSP) so that Dpad=N64stick, did the trick for me. Although the game hang in the first battle the controls worked.
For those planing on playing this via D14x on the psp; Controls dont work, as one of the commentees already pointed out.
1 to put on the psp
I think that the Romulation must post the Roms with one language only.With many languages, the size of the game is too big.
N-Rage's DirectInput 8 v2 1.83 plugin for your PJ64 Input will do the trick. Just go to the Configure Controls option and change the controller pak mode to Transfer Pak from the drop down menu. Then select the Gameboy Color ROM and its Save game from your hard disk. (Yeah you may need a GBC emulator like VBA for that). The game is great and supports all Generation 1 and Generation 2 Pokemons (Bulbasaur - Celebi). Almost no problems but some textures appear white to me. Like in battles I can't see what's written on the attack list and how much PP each attack has. Maybe its only me. Also some text fields are blanked out, like in that training section or something. Not that they are that vital for gameplay.