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Full Name Pokemon Stadium 2.7z
Filesize 85.7 MB
Region USA
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That's the best game of N64, with good battles and great mini games (The Scyther mini game is AWESOME) and you can play and trade pokemons with de Game boy Collor pokemons series (Gold/Silver/Crystal)
I,ve been searching for this game 10 months! i played i with my friend once and i love it!
Ah season 2 pokémon. When i was young 50 % of my class played pokémon R/B/Y and G/S. I remember i was the first one of my class who managed to catch a Shiny pokémon (non gyarados). Good times. I had Pokémon stadium 2 as well. But lost it after lending it to a friend of mine.... I'm glad i can play this game again in a way like this! Thanks romulation!
anyone can gimme a link to download nintendo 64 emulator?
I just downloaded the latest NRage and when i clicked on the controller pack all there is, is the Memory pack and Rumble Pack but no Transfer Pack.... can somebody give me some info on how to sort this out???
What kind of thing do you need for the nintendo 64 for donwloaded games??because i have a nintendo 64 and it woukd be cool if i can play new games on it
Wow this game is vey nice
in project64 you can go to options, configure controller plug ins and it will tell you what keys are what buttons and you can also change them to fit your playing habits
my emulator is A-press Z B- press X start- press V move <<<- press left move >>>- press right move ^^^- press up move down- press down R-press R L-press E
Here are the controls I found: A - press X B - press C Start - press Enter To move <<< - press 4 on your num pad (activate num lock on your keyboard) To move >>> - press 6 on your num pad To move up - press 8 on your num pad To move down - press 2 on your num pad I haven't gotten R and L yet. This is for the emulator I have.. it might be different for your emulator. I think it is the same, though. Have fun!
ok i got an emulator but i dont know the controls i know what X and C and Enter do but how do i select sideways sideways
this game is sexy-sexy