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Full Name Pokemon Snap.7z
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Region USA
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what do i actually put in my n64 emulator what part to be more specific
Well, it's not that bad of a game. If you are having the same problem as cer328 (as I did) then go to the advanced graphic settings ("Jabo's Direct3D9 1.6" graphics plugin) and enable "Copy framebuffer to RDRAM". Restart Project64 and run the game. It fixed it for me. (I'm using Project64 1.6, though.)
How can i put the game in english
I have to disagree with cer238. i have an N64 but any games are impossible to find. the only real way to play is through the emulators. anyways it works fine its an awesome game
Works nice
I have Project v64 version 1.7 and I can see it very well!!!
Fun game to play but a small error if you are using projectv64... you will not be able to see any photos you have taken and the small tutorial at the beggining will no longer be there. also you will not see the red dot you see before a photo when you play it off the console. on a small note i do not support emulators unless you own a copy of the game itself.