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Full Name Pokemon Snap.7z
Filesize 14.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



@ sujeguri_9890, it's hopeless! Anyway i still have this game. Something different then always fighting with Pokémon. Tough i still don't like Todd (the playable character)
emulators: my sister said this was the best pokemon game on the n64. im like "no way! pokemon stadium 1 and 2 are the best!" but she yelled "NO ! THOSE GAMES ARENT AS GOOD AS POKEMON SNAP! so i went and downloaded this and i was like ``woah. this is awsome. but, not as good as pokemon stadium because it takes skill to know what to do and know what to do when the unexpected happens. `` but im not saying this game is bad. its actually really good but im just more interested into games that takes strategy and skill.
To play without an N64 you must use an emulator (such as Project 64 - Google it if you don't understand). To get the Project 64 Version 1.7 Beta, you must sponsor the development of this new version.
how am i able to play this without an n64
man where do you get project64 1.7?! i have the same problem as cer328 and i tried alpha h. wolfs idea and it just made it worse!!!
Which one shold i extract for a normal english version without cheats?! this is just one of those games where cheating makes it no fun
this is a fun game i only download the roms i have in rl so i cant be "stealing" but then agen reading the credits in pokemon mystery dungions explorers of darkness it said spetiol thanks too WinDS so i guese there having a small side partner shit with nentindo oh sorry off topic and body know the playstation game the final fantasy game with a dance in it its kinda old so
Mine says something about an exception and all i get is a black screen
1.7 uses RDRAM by default on the games that need it, just to let you guys know.
is it english
Alpha H. Wolf's idea fixed it for me too
great game if your not an action/rpg fan it's a chill game game if you like to relax