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Full Name Perfect Dark.7z
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Region USA
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This is my 3rd favorite N64 game of all time. I haven't played it for so long I've forgotten everything about it. All the more fun for me :)
XBLA version is coming out in Winter 2009. Includes enhanced graphics, sound and online multiplayer. Its supposed to increase the frame limit to a constant 60 FPS.
I would say it's better then golden eye. In the same way 2 beers is better than 1.
I'm not a big fan of shooter games but I did enjoy this one. Excellent gameplay and a nice story to boot.
It is in terms of graphics, amount of options (in every area) and overall very enjoyable... Golden eye is more simpler, thus easier to play (the objectives in perfect dark get outragous at times when under heavy fire and an almost infinute supply of cannon fodder that hardly misses...) Get both I would suggest and enjoy :)
No way is it better than goldeneye
If my 360 version, I hope you're referring to the horrible prequel PD Zero. As the HD remaster of PD on XBLA is fantastic and ultimately the best version of this game.
It's better than goldeneye and better than the horrible 360 version.
Great game, made by most of the same team who made Golden Eye.