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This game it's the best N64 games ever
Why do some people refuse to view this game for what it was, at least in respect to gameplay...? This WAS Goldeneye2, people - it's just that with the loss of the Bond license to EA, Rare had to come up with a new story and characters... they even kept all of Goldeneye's guns(they were unlockable), as well as two of the multi-player maps, which were even updated... Oh, and how the heck can someone rip off their own game...?
As a gamer I would have to say that this game has the funniest dialogues. Anyways I liked playing it.
@ketotsue Perfect Dark added features that Goldeneye did not have (eg. Simulants, Always show target function ect.) If goldeneye had some of those features, It would be a much more enjoyable game but crouching is a pain and so is aiming without pressing R, however I like Goldeneye's weapons better, It just feels more simple and less complicated. Goldeneye whips the floor with this game in some areas, but lacks in others.
How could anyone ever think this beats Goldeneye?!? Graphic's no matter what the younger gamer's like to think does not make a game. Goldeneye whips the floor with this game especially when you figure in this game was a blatant copy of the entire 007 series. Now im not saying this is not a good game in fact it is a great game but it pails in comparison to Goldeneye.
XBLA Version coming out in March 2010
Great game, it's better than goldeneye in multiplayer but i think goldeneye's missions were alot better, now that i got my xbox controller set up i think i'll play some of this on here
extremely good game get the original if you can :)
Shtink, I think he means Perfect Dark Zero.
I don't agree with you Shtink, mostly because the XBLA version hasn't been released yet.
One of the best FPS for N64. I absolutely loved it, not to mention it beats its predecessor in all aspects of game play, though both are great games. Worth the download (and replay) and definitely a classic.