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Full Name Paper Mario.7z
Filesize 20.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Umm i cant seem to get the game to work. Im not used to using Emulators on the PC so this is a little confusing. Project64 wont load it and i have Windows 7..what should i do
I hope this game can be played on my computer! ^^
Awesome game! Keeps you playing for hours
I really liked this game on my Wii, until it crashed and my game was gone (downloaded in the Wii shop channel)... For the ones that doesn't know this: 1: Paper Mario (N64) 2: Paper Mario, thousand year door (Or something) (GC) 3: Super Paper Mario (Wii, I own it)
To anyone who doesnt know it (i know it has been said a lot) there are Three paper marios this one for n64 number 2 the thousand year door for gc and super paper mario for the wii
The (J) Rom Works Fine on Project 64 so thanks
I cant get it to work with project 64, and im using the (U) rom
To:dag12p This started all the paper marios (theres THREE) one for N64 GC and the Wii any im a HUGE nintendo fan so i know most of this stuff lol
Oh, and "winrar", do you have synaptic package manager on ubuntu. If you do, just open it, search for p7zip and mark it for installation and install it. If you don't, then go to terminal and type in this command: "sudo apt-get install p7zip". Hope that helps
mupen64 with rice video plugin and hackatron's rsp.
Just finished the game its very enjoyable with lots of quizes and fights great game to download.!!!! Also to those who it freezes up on play the (U) File in the emulator and it works just fine.Also i would suggest getting what i have its a converter u can buy from ur department store that allows u to plug in your ps2,xbox,and gamecube controllers to play on any emulator. its about 8-10 bucks but worth it!!!!
Played this game on the N64 a while ago, easily one of the best N64 games out there. The thing I love about this game is the humor, expect lots of laughs when playing this game.