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Full Name Paper Mario.7z
Filesize 20.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



This game is cool. The characters are fun to mess around. Special moves and so much more!
My ROM crashes when i try to use the Hammer, here´s what it says: "dbgeng.dll not found". I don´t know what this means but, can anyone help me?
For me it shall always be paper mario that deserves the "best N64 game" title! It's still sitting in my N64!
This game is a classic!! i played this game when i was little... wait that was only 3 years ago... X3 but i still think this game is the best mario game ever you fight with parthners with speical attack moves and the story levels are to die for i reget not being able to defeat the last boss becoz my n64 got sold by my dad!!!
Definitely one of the best games on the N64.
lol i love mario, the only better mario games than 64 are wii mario games and maybe gamecube
People ... I don't understand... If you people are geting problems runing the games then why you don't go to the forum? they help evry one who needs it. And one more thing. This place is safe, all games you download here don't contain virus. And if the game crashes then is your fault (obiously you don't know how to run it properly) all the roms here are just OK, they all run. If you can't run the games then is because of your computer.
i loved this game, i've had the ones for n64 and game cube, they're alot of fun. oh and KenoraMother-2008, the third one was released for the nintendo Wii, its called super paper mario.
does it works well on psp?
hahah its been almost a year since i downloaded it and i cant get enough! love this game
Work brilliantly for me :D
bobkill needs to learn how to count there are only 2 paper mario games yet he said 3 of them then stated for n64 and gamecube if he said 3 then what is the 3rd