Full Name Conker's Bad Fur Day.7z
Filesize 60.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



my fav part was when he goes matrix lol
a must play it is such an awesome game!
Yes, conker have a kid-friendly game, and because of Super Mario 64 they made Conker BFD like 1up1 said. The game is realy cool, i already play it 1000 times!!!! And i cant stop, and the multiplayer is... Play it now!!
@Nightroad, There was a game before this. It was still about Conker, but it was actually kid-friendly. When Nintendo released Super Mario 64, RARE knew it had to step up to the plate. They rdesigned the game to appeal to more mature audiences. Sorry, I just had that in my mind for a while. Needed to let you guys know.
Use P64 It will work
Its old but rly good 10/10
Im having a problem when i play it. the colors look all messed up? can anybody help me? im using the 1964 emulator
Awesome game and better that xbox version!!
This has gott be my favorite N64 game! I remember trying to play through it in less than 6 hours or beat the game without dying. Multiplayer is the best on this!
Great game, love the cutscenes, hilarious as hell, must have for anyone with the N64 emulator.
Works flawlessly on PJ64 1.7 with default plugins
Works great in my Samsung galaxy too!
Fun action/adventure title---Plays great and looks amazing---I had some minor sound issues during cutscenes but nothing big or distracting---Played it on Project64 and it ran great---Highly recommend it as a download.