Full Name Conker's Bad Fur Day.7z
Filesize 60.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Does mega n64 emulator work
i first played this game with my cousins and they were below the ages of 12, i recommend playing this, real excellent use of profanity, i love this game to thuis dayy hahahahahaha, i love it!!
Old game,but awesome.One of the best N64 games. I give it a 9.5/10. I dont have any complaints about it except that it's very short.First file i did took me 12 hours,and thats all together not using a walkthrough.Next file took me 6 hours. So it's very short.
im downloading it now, hope by all the good comments it will be good!
My little brothers and sister play multiplayer on it and they're not even twelve yet and they think it's it's the best game in N64! And im only twelve turning thirteen.
This game Cracks me up. I recommend this game for anyone who loves grown up jokes. one problem though why when i pause the game the pause background looks messed up. its not really a big deal.
Very good game, my brother actually borrowed this game from a friend whem we were just kids, and he beat it...I loved the multiplayer mode, we called all of our friends to play it (remembers trying to kill team members with a katana and being killed by them) I heard the xbox isn't as good as the original.Anyway, good to remember this game, the ending is also very sad...I felt sorry for conker.
can i play xbox games on the xbox360??
disgusting. annoying. but perfectly funny! 10 of 10
the Great Mighty Poo was the best... still bust out in his song every once and a while.
the best boss was the big poo thing ... awesome lolXD
such a demented, but funny, but demented game. The saddest part was the ending. Poor little Conker.