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Full Name Banjo-Kazooie.7z
Filesize 27.4 MB
Region USA
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There are some minor graphical hiccups with the game stuttering once and awhile during gameplay---Aside from that it is a solid Rom
All Stop and Swop answers can be found in banjo kazooie nuts and bolts for the xbox 360
Stop and swoop.......stop and [email protected]@
What the hell is the stop and swoop!
More screenshot ^_^
The first sceenshot is from Banjo-Tooie XD
Learn moves solve puzzles in this amazing game to rescue Bajo sister Tooty.! Emulators have a little problem emulating this now
Emulation isn't all about having a high-end PC, the emulator does most of the work really, just have a look at the NDS, a PC is often many, many times faster but yet we cannot emulate NDS games properly yet. So best thing to try other emulators and if that doesn't work then just give it up as a bad job; all our files are good dumps unless otherwise noted in the tags.
For some reason, this game hiccups here and there. Im sure its a problem with the rom, as my computer is pretty high end. Its not game-breaking but its noticable.