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Full Name Banjo-Kazooie.7z
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One of the best games to N64.
I got that "studdering" problem in project64 as well, but it went away when i switched to one of the European version roms. Also, I absolutely love this game!! It's a childhood classic of mine, to the point where I practically worshipped it. Great download!
Great game,and i dont understand what problem everyones talking about,the only problem is that when you press start the animation of the jigsaws coming out then connecting are black then turn to the picture,but even that isnt a problem,there is no hiccup noise for me.well guess im lucky
If you're using project 64 and the game's hiccuping I find that if you "sync game to audio" in the configure audio menu it should sort itself out, hope this helped :)
No offense, but these screenshots are terrible
i love this game it runs on my computer really well!
It's a great game but all the character's textures are white. I am running it in SixtyForce for Mac. Is it just my emulator?
Stop N' Swoop was originally presented by Rare as a way to connect Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. You were supposed to collect all the eggs and the key, and then hotswap banjo-tooie into the N64, and you'd unlock awesome stuff, however, Nintendo felt it would 'damage' the N64 too much (hotswapping doesn't damage your system nearly as much as you think it would). It was then pulled from the final design, but they left the eggs and key in there. Oh, that, and evil bottles. XD
Slight slow down in levels but other then that very solid. Definitely give it a try. Banjo-Kazooie is an awesome platformer that shouldn't be missed out on. ^_^
My 7th favorite game for the N64 ever! I have both games for the N64 and I love them so much!
Ok First off. OMG! @\_@ one of my favourite games if you dont get this you might as well put a dunce cap on and walk around. Second the first picture is from banjoe-tooie so dont expect to see any dinosaur. Sorry...
I'm pretty sure the hiccup problems can be fixed if you use a video plugin other than the default in Project64. Try Mudlord's Rice Video or Glide64 Napalm.