Full Name Super Mario Sunshine (U)(RARE).7z
Filesize 929.1 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
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i love the game
Excelent Game this much recordet of Super Mario 64 Graphish EXCELENTS jugabily EXCELETS 10 to 10. Sorry for my english.
i'm going to play it on my wii with gamecube controller :) only need to buy a memory card.
works great on dolphion 4771
Personally, I would have to say this is my favorite 3D Mario game. I didn't appreciate the water-spraying mechanic enough when I originally owned it, and ended up re-purchasing the again many years later because I had fond memories of it.
i was so close to beating this game but then i traded in my gamecube and just never played it on my wii. one of the best games i have ever played and one of the top Mario's. Great storyline and the new characters introduced in this game have become classics forever more.
I have dolphin, so I try to use and it won't work. I try to extract from winrar and I get and error, "This File Is Corrupt". "Unexpected end of Archieve". Can someone help me out?
@deepthelord DAT means you have to update your video drivers to the latest version look it up on Google for more info..........any of u who have the same problem just Google it if u don't know how to update the drivers............ hope this help :D
Hey when i open it the emu says "cant create opengl renderer. you might be missing some opengl extensions , the logos for more information" can anyone help cause i spent the whole night downloading this game
Someone Help I Can't Play it =(
thanks burnsey64 you are the best
cool game