Full Name Super Mario Sunshine (U)(RARE).7z
Filesize 929.1 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



cant this be playd unless your from usa?
its cause nintendo dmcaed every mario zelda and pokemon and metroid game they have on the site which sucks cause this is my main site for wii and gamecube games guess its down to torrenting the wii iso games now
This came out as a notepad file when I downloaded it! Why and how do I fix it? Please help!
How do I use this ROM in Dolphin
i dont use an emulator i use the real consol but HAKED
Hey can I play this in multiplayer without online?
Never mind I figured it out. You just rename the file .gcm to iso. Thanks anyway.
Before I download this, Is this an iso, if not how do you make it an iso so I can burn it to dvd?
Plays well on the Dolphin emulator, arguably the best Mario platformer Nintendo ever made. More variation in controls and jumps ,the water jet pack changes the entire Mario thing . The graphics are an improvement over Mario 64 , the story relevant to global warming, it has funny Italian music ,adorable characters,the use of manholes adds to the plumber/Mario theme ,its basically perfect, no wonder it sold over 7 million copies , all in all platforming perfection.
Does anyone know if it works on Whinecube Emulator? Because i wanna download it, but i don't know if it works. I really like the game, but i don't know if it works on my emu.
Love this game