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Full Name Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 1.00 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 178460
Can Download No



does this work wiv whinecube emulator???
whes sofmood i tink this will be th first gc gane i will play doesn't seem to load on Dolphin for me. The title says loading, but it stays as a black screen forever.
hi, i start downloading the file just now, whoa, 1.1 GB, the file only will be downloaded in 80 just using normal laptop, with transfer rate of 4.8KB, somebody please please help me.......
Dear Kid-lionel No you Cant play this game on a r4 if you could i Wouldn't be posting this message right now!:)
the emulator is called the gamecube backup launcher. installed on wii via sd card. plays downloaded gc games with ease :)
this my first post guys. I'd say this is the 3rd best pkmn game of all time. Defo worth the download. You can play this game and any other gc game on an unmodded wii, provided you have an sd card and some gc emulator installed on it. Cant remember what its called. But anyway, you can burn the isos on a normal dvd r. And run this emu instead of running the game normally. I use it all the time. I got the download link from youtube. Search gc emulator for wii. Hope i helped
I have the actual game, but i couldn't help by download it. One of my favorite pokemon games of all time! It gives a new type of style to Pokemon. It was a more darker side to pokemon. It was great!
yes it works on the dolphin emulator but it takes more to run that the previous pokemon Colosseum does. make sure u have directx 9.0c or above installed or your toast. if u want some utilities to help with FPS and extra memory just post and ill reply.
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Hey CodenameD how did you get the Dolphin Emulator that uses Direct3D because the laptop i'm using doesn't have OpenGL. I REALLY NEED THE DOWNLOAD LINK, MY DX3D PLUGIN DOESN'T WORK!
If you plan to use the most recent version of Dolphin for Windows, let me tell you that you'd need a Graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0 otherwise there's little hope for you to emulate the game on PC/Windows. An older version (probably beta) of Dolphin can use Direct 3D but frame rate sucks (mine's came around 9 FPS with a dual-core processor). So use the most recent Dolphin you can find and with a nVidia GEForce 6 series or above the game will run just fine on a PC with playable framrates. Just so you know, Dolphin may not be compatible with some NGC or Wii games although it can run many. So check Dolphin's website and must check their compatibility list. I think XD: Gale of Darkness might have a bit compatibility issue. Maybe they have fixed it, I dunno. The game itself is very good and is better than Pokemon Colosseum. Heck I think its a lot better than Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii! Its one of the many NGC games worth getting.
Thanks that's really helpfull