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Full Name Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 1.00 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



why does it always freeze on the second roar of monologue?
Did nobody notice that the first picture/screenshot on the Details tab is from Custom Robo?
I love this game! So glad that this is on Romulation!
people having problem with black screen in the beginning of the game, i got it working when i disabled the dual core (speedup) in the configure section, i'm using dolphin 2.0 and worked with the first dolphin too. maybe the best pokemon game ever in my opinion
Great self-centered publishers banning us from trying there games, (yes even ones 12 years old or more) all that will do is drop there sales because of there pig-headedness. Just wait nintendo - one day if you go bust I'll buy you out just for spite and given romulation the green light ! I always like to 'try before i buy' and ninety percent of my purchases have been after trying a game from romulution. Of course I downloaded the rom, but then deleted it and went out and bought the damn game. Nice one Nintendo, just when you got consumers on your side, bash them into a corner and mug us of our money. Romulation wins my vote.
This game is really good since i played it a long time ago on the gamecube but i want to play it again so im posting to get points
How do you get points? I only have 500 points and when I get over 1100 I will download this game.
It's a good game and I think it should need less points because I'm only 900.
ok so ive downloaded it and it wont let me play it on dolphin dolphinlt or the whine one
Why I cannot download this game
this is a great game you should dowload it and play it no life if you are a pokemo fan
I am sad!I don't have enough points!What to do?