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Full Name Shenmue Disc 1 of 3 (U)(KALISTO).7z
Filesize 371.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



man i just bought shenmue 1 and 2 a little wile ago for my dreamcast and i ended up scratching disc two of shenmue 1 and was so pissed off i stopped playing it lmao... so i bought another copy and now i can play it again without being annoyed at the scratch :)
Yeah. I had burned like 40 games for my Dreamcast when I was like 12 years old lol. Its part of the reason why the Dreamcast failed, even though it surpassed all other consoles with graphics and price. The hype for the PS1 was just too great at the time. Anyways, this game was freaking awesome. Its like in my top 3 RPG's next to like Grandia 2 and in my top 10 games of all time.
quick question....dreamcast consoles (depending on the particular model) can read burned "backups" out of box w/out mods, correct? this is what i've heard and i was wondering if it was indeed true, because that would just be nifty.
I loved playing this game on the Dreamcast! too bad I never got to play Shenmue II.
I extract it and burn it and it work great on the dreamcast console
:D works great very happy
It's a clean image, if you have problems extracting the file: it means the download messed up: DELETE the RAR, clear history, and redownload. Also, for those who are bunring to use via original console: This is a self-boot disk. All "roms" provided by Kalisto is safe to burn and play. Highly recommend this game also. Shenmnue was one of the greatest games that came out for the god bless, Sega Dreamcast. For any one who needs help in regards to burning ISOs for Dreamcast; feel free to contact me for details.
Eh I found out how to open it... I'm trying to burn it now...I hope it works D=
Same problem as serapis56 here cant open .cdi files D= too bad I used to have the original game but the cds are lost Oo somewhere in my chaos.... so how do it burn it?Oo
As Shtink has stated, this one the games you must have if you own a dreamcast, you get to play as Ryo Hazuki in a story by Yu Suzuki, the plot is that one day the character goes to his home and notices a very unusual car, when he reaches his house's dojo he sees his brother being thrown away and then his father is killed right in front of him, the main goal is to investigate about his father's killer, this game has a powerful game engine which combinates RPG with fights, which makes it even more addictive, it also show a lot of the japanese culture and has a few extras like some sega saturn games(stupily placed in this game since it is supposed to be 1986), you should download this game as the rip is PERFECT with almost everything the way it should be, you won't be dissapointed. The only bad thing is that veteran gamers might find the adventure a little short but still is so fun you may want to play it again.
The 1st disk .RAR file is corrupted. Keeps happening everytime I attempt to extract it.
I can't run this game cause it's in cdi file format and i need a sollution to run it anyhow!!!! please,if someone knows how to run it leave a message...thanxxxxx