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Full Name Shenmue Disc 1 of 3 (U)(KALISTO).7z
Filesize 371.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



This is a beat-em-up game run in 3D... good graphics for its day. Uploading pics...
What about Shen Mue 2 ? Maybe the best of its class ! No Playstation game could surpass
This game looks good..I want to play it...please fix the game please...
if the game cannot be download..maybe it can be removed from the list...
No, they can't. The PSX games can, whereas the Sony PSP isn't powerful enough to support DC games at the moment, at anything more than about 1-2FPS. It's a total waste of time trying to get them to work on a PSP, but if you want to play PSX games on your PSP, it's a piece of cake. Just make sure your PSP is hackable, hack it, then google how to make PSX-PSP games, I've been able to play Crash Bandicoot 3 and FF VII on my PSP with full save compatability and perfect speeds, all burned from my original discs, so doing it by the image files from here would be just the same thing.
Can any of these games for the playstation and the dreamcast be coverted to play on the psp?
WOI... I played this game on my Computer and it work thanks for the game
yeah i use alcohol 120 and this file size is too big for a CD-R once its unpacked T_T like most of the other ones *cries*
Woot, my Dreamcast can read burned games using DiscJuggler :D. Too bad the store that I went to didnt have a good copy of this game, NOW IM IN LUCK :D
i'm success on playing it on my pc using emulator called "nulldc v.1.0.3" or if u want to write the image on a disc use daemon tool v3.47(to read image)then, burn with any software u want.....^_^good luck^_^
You meant the hype for the PS2, because that is what ultimately caused the downfall of the Dreamcast. It was a shame really, the Dreamcast had so much potential and many memorable titles, at least in my view being how young I was. Regardless, Shenmue is a treasure as well as my favorite game of all time. I plan on going through both games sometime soon. And I'll keep being optimistic on the release of Shenmue 3.