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Full Name Wii Sports Resort (U)(HaZMaT).rar
Filesize 886.5 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



pretty cool
Awesome Game
yo mann
Can u do it with a sdcard
Yeah it worked instead of pressing 1 go to setting option the change from there to game launcher in alt .dol
I didn`t have to do any of what the above poster had to do, I was simply able to load it from CFG USB Loader
Works great, just needs some adjustment in order to make it work. Not as fun as i thought though. "Press 1 to go to options. Change the Alt.Dol setting to disc then save the settings. Now run the game. At the bottom it ask what Alt.Dol to use change it to player.dol and press A. Watch the full Wii Motion Plus video (the sound may make weird nosies just ignore it if it does). make sure you watch the full video. It should return to the Wii System menu when it is done. After you watch the Wii Motion Plus video and it returns to the Wii System Menu start CFG USB Loader and go to Wii Sports Resort again. Press 1 to go to options. Change the Alt.Dol setting to off then save the settings. From now on the game should boot for you." -y3ahright
Did you have to download any other things to make it work?? Or does it just work fine itself? Because i have heard from other people that their Wii has to be hacked??
You need to install the homebrew channel on your wii, its like hacking your wii.
Im using USB Loader GX and I cant go to the options menu to change the Alt.Dol setting. When I press 1 nothing happens. Help