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Full Name The Last Story (U)(VIMTO).rar
Filesize 5.03 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



Amazing game here, thanks for doing ROM's right on this website. Offering them to those who may have missed them while showing respect to the great gaming companies that made them. I bought 6 Wii consoles and every game I download here I purchased in the past. ROMs allow me to perfectly safeguard the games I enjoy on one device for my kids and grandkids to enjoy, with no worry about lost or broken discs now that the original hardware and software are no longer created. Thanks again, Romulation!
This game is a true master piece on the wii, wonderful story and voice actors, gameplay is similar to dragon age 2, the outfits could've been done better, as all the armor's look like something a stripper would wear... has a new game plus mode, lots of replay value, the game pulled me away from my PC collection on steam for about 2 weeks before I remember'd I had them, a must play, would love to see a remaster from Nintendo for the switch...
Great Game
why does every great rpg on the wii have British accents? this and xenoblade are amazing by the way.
did any one else have a problem with half the characters missing?
If you enjoy action RPG's British accents, great story, good graphics, and a fun overall JRPG experience, this game is perfect. It is also a limited print (from what I understand) for physical copies, so getting an emulation of it is well worth it.
awesome, looks like final fantasy
Oh Thank you so much
I LOVE This Game!