Full Name Super Mario Galaxy (U)(PROMiNENT).rar
Filesize 3.43 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



#SuperMarioGalaxy3 pleaaaaaase Nintendo!!!
ive always wanted to play this game. and when i saw this download i was like THANK U and it will always be better than smg2
thank you guys
10/10 ign
the game has HUGE lag spikes when the sound gets intense, but other than that, THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!
i cant extract it
It says the file is incomplete. What do I do?
re download it :p
Amazing game and best of all not a scam.
Amazing Game, Amazing Graphics. Its is one of my favorite Wii games.
I got 3 461 points....... Can't download it...... Have to wait for tomorrow.......
Easily a game that defines the wii and what it is about. A true jewel of gaming that is not to be missed.