Full Name Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions (U)(PLAYME).rar
Filesize 3.13 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 44656
Can Download No



Can I Also Play This Version In My Pc By Dolphin Emulator
It should run on Dolphin, yes, assuming your PC specs are sufficient.
what are the specs
There are no fixed specifications for running an emulator, however Wii emulation is pretty computationally intensive so you do need a fairly recent computer with a fast cpu and an ati/amd or nvidia graphics adaptor; Intel integrated graphics won't cut it.
Please more comprassed not 3.13Gb but 1.27 gb
it is compressed as much as it realistically can be using widely available algorithms.
Hi bro I extract this game but it says complete with error plz help me bro
errors mean the file was damaged during download, delete it and redownload.
Hello when I extract this game it says complete with errors now what can I do
You have to fist extract again and and when you extract the game and again it shows success with errors so what you can do that you can extract your game in the internal storage of your phone and download the Dolphin emulator for Android and for isos also and after that you can play the game in this emulator
This game is awesome!!!
In which platforme you played this iso
Wii. You can use Dolphin.