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Full Name Spectrobes Origins (U)(PROMiNENT).rar
Filesize 4.19 GB
Region USA
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the original ds game was not good because u could not play as the girl this one by far the best one.
first half second half I had to hold my right trigger while pressing right shoulder button to give command, go and come back. Hope this helps. Also found this for setting commands to Q and E on keyboard And also found this but it looks like it may be obsolete on newer versions of dolphin
i will link a picture of the controller configuration that finally got my through basic training for anyone else stuck there too
Even if the original game on the DS was pretty mediocre, this is a solid action RPG.
Yeah its not as bad as most would assume when they think about an anime themed disney rpg. Controls are tricky without proper nintendo controller though. I only just now managed to pass the starting tutorial. Had to download a huge list of custom controller, keyboard and mouse configurations and tried them all until the swings worked. I hope its worth all my trouble. After figuring it all out though, your controller configuration will also work really well in MadWorld. Maybe it works in the motion heavy Zelda game too?