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Full Name Samurai Warriors 3 (U)(CLANDESTiNE).rar
Filesize 7.27 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



Hi. I'm new here. I wanted to ask, does this iso of SW3 have the dual language option (English and Japanese) in-game for voices? Thing is, I wanna rip some Inahime voices and sound effects for a project I'm working on and I can't find a pack of her voices.
Hhh.. I have 50000pts.. GG Admins..
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It says the file size is 7.27GB, but I finally had to stop the download when it got to over 10.1GB and was STILL GOING! Why is this file so large???
Stop the download at 7.28 extract, and it'll work fine.. Did the same with Valhalla Knights.. GG Admins..
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