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Full Name Pokemon Battle Revolution (U)(PROMiNENT).rar
Filesize 1.12 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



I use real Nintendo Wii :)
all nintendo ip games are restricted to everyone cause thoes assholes dmcaed every pokemon mario and zelda game on this site now i really hate them cause this was the site i went to for nintendo wii games now theres no other site that i can download them from except torrenting the games which i hate doing that
pokemon battle revolution rocks !!!!!
you have to use the real wii to play this game at full speed. How? Hack it, download usbloadergx and put this game on the usb and play it like that, love it
great its fun
I don't use this site games to play on emulator i use real hardwares
this is bullshit, the game is super slow and glitchy
hey dude if you want to play it in 60 fps check this video out if you are using an emulator (
It's a higher advanced game, so it won't run that fast on your PC. If you want to run it on actual hardware I seen that it's only $50 for a pre owned wii and then you softmod the wii to run backups so you can run the game on actual hardware and run it at full speed :)
The models r great and gameplay too is good :)
Super attack style
I will agree with you, the gameplay is horrible but the only thing i love about this game are the models, music and attack animations
Love the models, but the gameplay is horrible.