Full Name New Super Mario Bros (U)(HaZMaT).rar
Filesize 538.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



thanks a lot!!!
Too bad it got taken off of all the websites. I can't find a single ISO for this game
thans for share the game!
This is a pretty fun game to play. 8/10
Im pretty sure its for the wii because the ds version is like 9 0r 10 mb
hi, (sorry for my english, i'm french :( ) Can we launch this rom with the rom emulator Dolphin on android? thx
Great game unless you hate games
its 2016
I think that the 1st screen shot is from NSMB u
why is this the only game I cannot get to work on my hard modded wii? I have used iso's from this site then burn to dvd-r with nero, this is the only one that I cant find a copy that works. I keep getting 'disk read error please eject'.. any ideas?
check the size it's obviously for wii
It works flawlessly with usb loader gx (Not being bias. It's just the usb loader I started with) It is for the wii and you need to extract it using 7-zip.