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Full Name Mortal Kombat Armageddon (U)(PreCiSiON).rar
Filesize 3.85 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



i use dolphin on my pc
good news! I've gotten it working, so let me share my experience. Some games worked, and some didn't on my seagate USB connected HDD. Mortal Kombat is tricky because it has a two stage .DOL loader, most USB loaders I tried to open it with usually crashed before I even launched the game (i.e. when trying to change the settings like selecting the alt-dol to run). What worked very well for me, was to unpack the .ISO file using the command line tools that comes with WitGUI, copying the MK.DOL file over the other one in the data/files folder, and then rebuilding the folder back into a new .ISO file using Wii Backup Fusion. (I hear other people have been succesful using something called WiiScrubber. The last bit of the puzzle (for me) was to simply format my USB flash stick as WBFS and copying this modified .ISO to it (by again using WitGUI). Hope these instructions help someone! I know it's not terribly detailed or complete. You need all the normal IOS patches etc, but those are not so big a deal, if your other games run, Mortal Kombat must also run. Finally, for most people, I suspect the alt dol / alt dol plus method can work. Many USB loaders have settings to allow you to pick the .DOL to run the game with.
I'm also struggling to run this game, on my Wii homebrew setup. It runs on Dolphin emulator on my pc/mac. I've tried many different loaders, and also tried the "alt dol" technique, even going as far as extracting the files out of the ISO, swapping the two .dol files with each other, and converting it back to an ISO - doing this I at least get to a "Loading..." screen. With all other methods, I just get a frozen or blank screen. I would be very interested in anyone who got this working using a USB loader, using an external HDD formatted as WBFS. Or if not, tell us exactly what setup you used, and what steps you followed to get this game to run! Please share
am running on iso 249 so u mean d game wont work should i install iso 250?
Wollyom, what patches did you use to get it working?
I use 249 and i have put some patches on it. Works great.
Try applying video patches, or force PAL or NTSC
it works with ios 222, but there are still some problems with controllers
I'm stuck at the first loading screen, can anyone help me?
Have you tried running it with a different IOS instead of 249? Video patches? Are you using the latest CFG Usbloader or Wiiflow?
me too, the game keeps in a black screen, the remote control suht down and then freeze.
A great fighting game for the Wii! If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat then this one is for you!!!