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Full Name Monster Hunter Tri (U)(JAILED).rar
Filesize 2.81 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



cool works flawless This was by far the best game
It's a great game! But, the constant loading screens annoying me... Burned with ImgBurn at 4x, tested in my NTSC-U Wii and runs ok.
still cant get the game to go past the intro-all i get is a buzzzzzzzz but im keeping it just in case someone can tell me if im missing a patch??????-----and yes im trying it on my wii----this game was the reason i modded my wii.
cant get the game to take my controller or keyboard input on my emulator dolphinx64 but all my other games work
i know im replying to myself i just forgot to ask if anyone could verify theyve had the same problem and fixing im using joytokey aswell so i really dont know why its not taking any keyboard input or controller
settings and then wiimote settings, configure, then just set your controller settings as it adjust them to what they would be
Good rom, Great game. Downloaded this about a year ago and played it for about 6 months. Just came back because I lost it and wanted more, still worth it. Game takes some learning, as said by GrandNecro, but is ultimately worth it. Take the time, you will be proud of yourself and amazed at the things you will accomplish. Solo play isn't as rewarding as multi-player, but you don't really get the option without an actual Wii. 8/10
cool works flawless
This was by far my longest played Wii game at over 100 hours!
Great game idea, good graphics too for a Wii. But the controls are a bit annoying. Kind of like Diablo, there are not many instructions on how to play the game or which button do what, I had to google them. Same for the quest, not much info on what to do so you could be wasting an hour doing the wrong stuff. Not a game for those who have short patient.
the controls sucked on playstation even with two sticks... controls on 3ds are even worse. I dunno how anyone can possibly play with those dogshit controls. so it only makes sense than the wii version has shit camera and controls as well.