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Full Name Metroid Other M (U)(BiOSHOCK).rar
Filesize 7.43 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Downloads 77518
Can Download No



i have received broken archive or end of archive messages on several iso downloads this being one, is there any way to fix this or get a different copy, thanks ahead of time... you guys at romulation are great!
I keep getting an error message stating 'Unexpected end of archive' and 'The file is corrupt'. may I have some assistance?
You see, it's just a message from God telling you to forget this pile of shit and go play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
Other M is a good game
Hello Ironjam, This is RetroDestructor. I might have a solution for you, I had a similar issue, just email me at [email protected], and I will help you out personally... I had trouble with the rom until i tried a different approach. just mail me and I will help you. as one fellow gamer to another.
just about to download this game. can you assist another gamer?
Also message me if you can tip me on how to get the download in working order... since we can't just post it in the comments for all to see apparently.
Hello Romulation, I have played Metroid Other M before on my Wii. Except I never beat it, and thus I want to play it again. My only problem is unlike every other Rom I have downloaded, it keeps saying it is broken. When I extracted the ISO from the RAR, it pops up an error and says the file is broken. So far no help has been given as it appears the file itself is broken. "CRC Failed In 'bs-met.iso'. File Is Broken"