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Full Name Mario Strikers Charged (U)(VORTEX).rar
Filesize 1.87 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



how the hell do I play this, it doesn't support gamepad. Anyway to change this?
Does this game work via netplay? I tried to play with a friend, but always the one that is Wiimote 2 can't play because controles dont work correctly
To play the game in NTSC format, start the game then go into the options menu before you start the actual game then video. In video change the video option from "default" to "NTSC""
the most entertaining multiplayer game on the wii.
and brawl and mario kart wii
It is correct as is. The game has been patched to run on NTSC consoles and scened as (U). There is no NTSC dump of this game.
This is the PAL version, can you change the info in the menu and possibly upload the NTSC version?
This iso is actually PAL version.