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Full Name Mario Sports Mix (U)(ProCiSiON).rar
Filesize 4.32 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



idk how old this thread is but, if anyone out there still has a problem with converting the file to wbs this is what i did: i have a 750gb external hardrive with two partitions one formated in fat32 for gamecube games and one formated to ntfs for wii games. i unzip the game downloaded then copy the iso to my ntfs partition, then open up wiibackup manager and transfer the iso files to the wbfs folder in the ntfs partition as wbfs format..
this one looks different the special looks different
Nice, games works great with USB Loader GX.
But how did you transfer the games to your USB drive? Every time I try, it says the file is too big...
Download ISO to Wbfs to convert and split the file. Or create a NTFS partition on the HDD and put all games in "wbfs" folder.
try use WBFS manager
i dont know when this was posted but some windows converters for WBFS only do the first 200mb to the actual partition... i dont know why but i had the same problem
Hmm... Maybe I should do a tutorial on how to set up a WBFS file system on a USB drive larger than 32 GB.
or maybe people should just use freaking 7zip to split image files c;
wbfs manager i got it like that cfg loader on homebrew best one better than usb loader